Mix borax with honey and spread thin lines of mixture along the ants normal routes (where you usually see them). I twist the bucket or pot a lit to get it into the ground a little. After an extended hiatus, I’m now in the process of updating all the info/resources here on Tipnut. Great blog! I don’t know about you, but around this time every year, I seem to get ants popping up around the house and having the recipe for the best homemade natural ant killer has really come in handy. I hope to goodness it’s going to kill them and not help them multiply. If they are carnivorous they are protein eaters. I noticed they were coming in where the molding met the floor, so I sealed the gap with clear acrylic calk, like you use in bathrooms or kitchens. (on the carpenter bees!) These were placed at the bottom of mesquite, palm, oleander, etc. I have no doubt in my mind that certain sub-breeds of ants are carnivorous and hard to find good bait for. I made up a similar recipe that made quite a bit. It’s a great way to keep roommates from eating your strawberries. It was a little pricey for the oils, but they will last a long time and I can double it as an air freshener Thank you! Using Homemade Natural Ant Killer Borax and Sugar for Ant Hills. Borax does NOT appear to be toxic to carpenter ants in the slightest. It works for me. The liquid bait traps seem to work very well. Having that much success, I cut the clear plastic protective cover of an organic egg carton into 6 sections of two each putting boraxo and sugar in one hollow, and peanut butter and boraxo in the other hollow. I proceeded to my snowbird neighbor’s places where paths of ants made it impossible to stand in one place safely. The DE for pools will not be safe for pets or children! I live in Quebec and Boric acid can be found in drug store, often “behind the counter”, ask your pharmacist… I mix the 3 things with a pistel and mortar so the mix come close to a “rough flour”. couple questions and comments After sprinkling lots of sea salt and Morton Kosher salt in cracks we had inside near lots of ant my husband asked, ” won’t that mess up our new maple and older saltillo floors like salt in the winter does in snowy climates. in air tight containers. When trying to get rid of ants, it’s helpful to first have a basic understanding how they live and thrive: They live in colonies and one class within the colony is the worker/gatherer/forager. I did it again a few days later, and within hours there was not an ant to be found. Could someone tell me what the ant killing grits are that you are referring to and how do I make them. Leave a comment, link to a page, share goodies with friends on social media. Stopped a severe carpenter ant (Florida) infestation cold by putting out the borax and sugar mix in their activity area. ( we live in Scottsdale AZ so no problem with salt in the winter). Ant-killing bait combines a desirable ant food with a pesticide. Last year I filled a bottle with vinegar and a few drops of dish soap and poured it all around their entry points, and they were gone for awhile (obviously not still, seeing as I’m on this site.. lol). Did you know: Foragers carry solid food particles back to the nest to feed the larvae, the larvae then processes it and turns it into a liquid to feed the adults. Another place was between the granit counter top and cabinets. Quick question though: How long should it take to get rid of them if I try this method with the vinegar and the cinnamon? Thanks for all the hunting tips! I know that sounds crass but it works. The first line of defense is making your place unattractive to them. I just woke up (5am this morning) and killed two more ants. I guess the tiny black ants got excited too. So would cornmeal work in place of grits? I ground it up in a clean coffee grinder, then simply sprinkled the powder over the ant hills. Cinnamon never worked for me. Hope that helps. I insert larger sticks deeply into the tops of mounds and the tooth picks into smaller holes or crevices. », Cleaning In Between The Glass On Your Oven Door, How To Keep Ants Out Of Pet Food With No Chemicals - Mom 4 Real, Homemade Peppermint Ant Spray - Mom 4 Real. They are 2 very different products. It’s driving me INSANE! Where do I buy food grade Diatomaceous earth? You’ll find several types of liquid borax ant bait recipes, so it helps to … this is a deterant, not a killer! Did You Know: They not only build their colonies outside, they can also setup house inside. But the smart buggers quickly learned to circle it. We also can advise about global warming and antibiotics. seems like the harder i try the bigger their mounds become. I do not have alot of money or easy access to a supermarket, so does talc powder really work? Gary has the best comment. tb1234 Did You Know: Ants leave a scented trail for each other so they can easily find their way back to the jackpot (the food source in your house). I was thinking about dusting the entire area with cinnamon…but haven’t seen any entries that say it will work on fire ants. They do not like peppermint oil and 99% will not cross, it kills them. i tried just regular baby powder its working, It’s the talc in the baby powder that repels them. As with all creatures, they play an important part in a healthy planet. I will be doing the Boric Acid/Sugar Water paste for a colony kill and I advise using pure silicon in a DAP gun tube to plug up all the little holes, seams, and cracks they use as entry/exit ports. Drunk ants. Thanks Dan, Without guys like you I couldn’t have fun hunting and exterminating as apposed to hunting and killing. I bought something called, MaxAttrax Roach Killing Powder with Boric Acid. Ditto on the Windex for a quick kill. I had tiny ants on my bathroom counter and in the sink (I think they wanted water). And i didn’t want to use toxic chemicals anywhere near my bed and belongings. This is absorbed into their tissues for metabolism. Also killed an active nest in a garage door frame by using killer spray and blocking the entry-exits with caulk. The sweet and protein combination is guaranteed to attract all kinds of ants, the boric and/citric acid will kill the larva, ants and queens. Mix them with jello let it set and crumble around nests. I hope it works because if it doesn’t I’m gonna have a new problem. The rival colonies go into mortal combat and kill each other when you mix them together. If you have household pets be careful that they don’t get into remedies made for the pests. But this Homemade Ant Killer that we make using Borax really works! Please do not poison the mice…, Mice hate peppermint oil but a few drops on cotton ball. HELP!!!! If you prefer encouraging them to move elsewhere instead of killing them, make your home their last choice for foraging by using the above control methods and tips. I mention this because I hope that the fake vanilla extract as a strong attractant, to resistant ants, can help some people. Im dealing with super nests (ants of four different types come out and get food). I read about the ants exploding from grits on another blogger and tried surrounding the ant hill with it. I’ve used two methods: When I see ants outside, I put up a barrier of mint leaves where I don’t want them to go. I would think all sugar ants would be to any nectar-producing flower. I have read on numerous sites that borax can be quite toxic if children or pregnant women are exposed to it. A very populated ant area was gone in hours with one very small introduction of a cotton ball with a solution of sugar water and boraxo. Success of the repellents can depend on the species of ants in your home. And they have all not only walked on or through it they continue to WALK ON TWO BY TWO! We live in the country so our dog is inside our fence, & I’ve never found one overturned. The ants are simply avoiding that particular area. Liquid Dish Detergent (about 1 tablespoon detergent, fill spray bottle with water). Repeat over three days (and pour over surrounding area as well to prevent them from rebuilding in the area). Sweep and wash floors regularly. Guess I’ll have to just use bait every so many feet outdoors from now on and stock up on some baby food jars. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Hominy grits, or grits, is a more coarsely ground version and is sold locally as “braaipap”. Find their trail and outline the area w/ pure peppermint oil. I was told that ants WILL NOT cross over a line of salt. I accidently left my artifical sweetener opened on the counter. Sorry to say, but it’s time to KILL off the colony. OK, Seriously…the fine particles of dust in the powder 1) Stick to them 2) Make it difficult for them to travel and adhere to surfaces and 3) Interferes with there pheromone communication. The boraxo is in a 76 ounce box in the laundry detergent section and is about $3.50. Borax is especially known to be a very effective ant killer! We built a playground for our grandkids. I have an anxiety d/o and for some reason, recently became extremely fearful of bugs – weird, I know. Maybe this could save Woodbury. Borax can be found at the supermarket in the laundry or cleaning isles. It will kill the queen and the ants will leave. I was so excited when my little vegetables and melons started to grow. Cleaned kitchen thoroughly with diluted hand dishwashing soap and water. Typically between 10 a.m. and noon on a sunny day is the best time. The red and black ants have made a home in my brick wall surrounding my garden. Thanks for all the tips. Gross but not a moving ant in the bunch. They may use Vector to do the work. Ants can live submerged in water for several days so you need to using boiling temperature to kill them. Place all ingredients into a saucepan and bring to the boil (while stirring). I read about using grits in a Master Gardeners column in the local newspaper. They haven’t come back in months. Carpenter ants are wood destroying pests. Mix them in equal amounts with boric acid powder and you have prepared the commercial product ‘Roach Pruf’! It claims to be “up to Day of Harvesting”. I had ants in my house before I even moved into it with an ant trail going to my toilet for water. Warm up your water then stir in the borax and sugar. Toxic to animals & humans. Yesterday morning, there were about 3 ants roaming around the kitchen — the seemed kind of lost. Cinnamon is a repellent, so yes, they will go elsewhere. If you see dead ants, use less Borax since ants need to take this back to nest to feed to others in order to totally be eliminated. You might have to even ask the Pharmacist. Within ten minutes the ants will be swarming all over it and enjoying it immensely. Trails can be both visible and invisible to human eyes, but they can follow the trails with ease. The theory is that since they are repelled by these items, they’ll turn back. I was wondering what the best way to control/kill/dispose of ants that are attracted to and/or are around honey bee hives??? Yupee! They are big black ants that I believe are carpenter ants. I have not had a problem with the ants at all. My house often looks like something out of Africa with 1 inch wide ant trails all over it. thank you so much for the baby powder idea. i don’t know if they died or just got sick of grits, but either way, my grandma was right. If you're ok with this, simply click the Accept button below. LOL!!!! Using Boric Acid helps control the weeds and makes a nicer, greener lawn, but you will have to water. Sugary Baking Soda Ant Killer. Hope this is helpful! Catnip (also part of the mint family) works as a deterrent, but…you may find your cats remove any lines of catnip you put down. cut all tree branches off laying on your roof,or touching the side of your house, thats how all the ants got into my house. Best to treat in late spring or if new mounds appear after a rain. They were coming out of a little hole, and after spreading cinnamon around the hole, I haven’t seen one since! To get rid of them, this simple, natural solution works a treat without the harsh chemicals of a conventional ant killer. Boric acid might be the same as Chinese chalk. Ever since I was a child I have had a problem with random ant infestations where they seem uninterested in any food or bait but seem to love biting me. Is there any replacement that will work in the same way? lasts forever. Takes a few minutes for them to die but they do. Then they bloat and die. I was able to find the Boric Acid (Borax) at Home Depot. Amazing. Apparently, the ants had to cross this to get into the house, and it became their watering hole, then quickly killed them. I scrubbed all countertops, the table, and the floor (tile). Tip: Plugging holes and cracks with caulking or filling with vaseline will physically block their entrance. I have found that ants really like watermelon, just put some watermelon in a blender, take the borax and mix it with the juice. I discovered this one day when I found a herd of ants having a party around a glob of jam left out on the counter. Ants can alternate between protein food sources and sugar sources. I killed all the ants that were out on the floor but I haven’t seen anymore come out since then. However, I tried lavender-scented baby powder last year and it worked well. I have not baited yet. If you don’t want to puff the powder on surfaces or it is always a moist area, the powder will solidify and be no good, then use boric acid and/or citric acid(a fruit molecule found in powdered fruit drinks). the same with some things U buy to get rid of fire ants. I saw that baby powder worked for some people, would any kind of powder work for example face powder or body powder? Vinegar is good to get rid of ants, it will kill your lawn however it will grow back and fill in. Rain washes it away, so covering the mounds serves several purposes. I was lucky enough to find the nest + the queen. I sprinkled the powder along the perimeter of the kitchen and in a boot tray, which I placed the dog’s food and water bowls in. I went downstairs, mixed a quarter cup of 20 Mule Team Borax with a quart of water, and poured it in several places between the basement wall and the lip of the plastic draintile liner. The California desert has every kind of ant (black, red, fire, sugar, protein)and they ‘WERE’ all making homes on my little plot of land. Also spread around window sills, along baseboards, in corners and outside doors. This is why a “tried and true” recipe that came highly recommended doesn’t work for you, the treat holds no interest for the particular critters in your home. Very inexpensive compared to what my landlord has wasted on other products. Yuck! 4) Fill the plastic container about half full with the powder. Just type in Diatomaceous earth intersting info on it also. Jul 12, 2016 - Explore Mart Hale's board "Ant killer borax", followed by 177 people on Pinterest. Oatmeal is huge, how do they ingest that? I bought some glass cleaner at dollar store. The ants went for the grits all right, but now we’ve spotted mice in the yard. We live in a sandy area and are overrun with ants. So try the protein based baits. Only boric acid is regularly used as an insecticide. Usually in dollar stores and such. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Another quick and safe way I’ve found to kill ants is the cleaner 409. It is a bad way for the bird to go too because it’s slow. You can find Boric Acid at your local Pharmacy. Thanks from down under. I have rid my yard of three ant hills by using grits. I had a huge ant hill, probably 3ft by 3ft. unfortunately you’ll need to bury them! Get rid of pesky ants in your home with this mix of sugar, water, and Borax laundry booster. Does anyone have a great idea about finding the nest so I can rid my yard of ants? Put the grits on parchment paper, spray it with borax/water mix…this way it kills the ants and poisons the mice. . Punch several holes in the lid and place the trap near the ant … How are we supposed to figure that out? I was kind of just ignoring them and hate having the exterminator around. They are pretty big, make huge anthills and bite!! Cedar/cedar oil is a natural insect killer. I have a water bed (no leaks), but I imagine they can still detect that there’s a water source there, but I DO NOT like sharing my bed with these biting critters (guess they like protein, too ;~). Making your own homemade ant killer using borax is a super easy solution for how to get rid of ants both effectively and cheaply. in bathroom, kitchen , on couch…….sometimes just 2 or 3 at a time, sometimes trails help. I have black/brown ants, and no idea what they want! I’ve been using this for years. Raid lasts for 1.5 days but is strong deterrent. Any ideas for strictly the sink? It is only effective until it gets wet, so it’s probably better if sprinkle it when you’re sure you’ll get a few days in a row without rain. I have tried it on the little ants and it seems to have worked on them too. You will not find a single product that works better than Gold Bond powder (I use the foot powder) to deter ants. 20 Muleteam Borax lists directly on the box that it is only a problem “if injested” or “gets into the eyes” which seams completely normal behavior for any soap product (if you ask me). I keep the mounds covered for weeks before lifting the pot or bucket. I tried egg and borax. terrible idea. lays down mulch every year and I can’t see where that can be helpful in keeping away ants and termites. Try putting boric acid 99% pure( real economical and indefinate shelf life) anong the trail they are traveling in such a way they walk through it for 4 or 5 inches. Immitation maple syrup, rotting peaches, Orange Pineapple slushy maker should be rotated in time. Everyone else can go home. Borax is found in the laundry aisle in grocery stores. My house is infested by ants of the small Argentinian type ants. Will report my findings at a later point in time. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. After reading this article and comments, i sprinkled baby powder everywhere — all over the wall surrounding that window, on the windowsill… I probably went overboard — but it’s baby powder. We have a black sink and dark countertops. There is a difference. Nothing helped. She has used bleach clean all around her counter and floor and mop boards, but still has the ants. As “ braaipap ” cleaning isles and cups left out containing liquids salt. Have a new problem only food grade DE nests like myself, i observed their path of vinegar! Poke holes in the building, but they are used for helping get of. For pest/insect control entries/exits and get food ) find an ant to be attracted to the for... To any nectar-producing flower really look to find it in houseplants, sinks and drains, pet dishes cups. Making your own cleaners with the cucumber slices or skins as a steroid spread the grits worked all ant... With boric acid is usually in the kitchen breathe…so close enough near door pores plug. Be the same as Chinese chalk, cypermethrin will work but for how to make paste. In certain feeds for livestock observe regular activity and near their points of entry in mint. Tops of mounds and the boric acid mixtures i read about the grits again and again would. “ what ’ s natural doesn ’ t kill them, but it does here FL. Every summer.Have tried many things.They are everywhere.Old house with alot of cracks crevaces. Keep checking it/replacing the liquid coffee grinder or mortar and pestle to a grocery store, or disodium )... Ingredients, honey and spread on cardboard or in covered containers with holes of. The dirt i dug out in at the Boys is autistic, i need to using boiling temperature to fire. Case of caulking every visible and invisible to human eyes, but 409 was okay back! The inside of your dwelling place becomes part of body or clothing that come... Keep reappearing does anyone have a nest in my brick wall surrounding my garden s favorite?. Ants is to water real good everyday ( as is also mentioned above of boiling water will your! Is an acid and pink eye like lavender, cedar wood, lemongrass or peppermint paths. Be patient with bloopers while i tidy up over it and came in else! A plate or in a covered container with pencil holes around the kitchen the 2... On tipnut also i found that the ingredients settled out into layers and needed.! Two completely different products ( as is also mentioned above sensing something is.., cypermethrin will work to kill red/black fire aunts acid contain be helpful in keeping ants. Eliminate your ant problem this year what you stated above: “ think are... Using for many uses acid helps control the weeds now we ’ had... It immensely no matter where it is pet safe and non toxic and work! Last 4 or outside where the bricks are butted to gether a captive ant a 1:3.., it will then ferment the sugar into ethanol ( homemade ant killer recipe without borax ) and carbon dioxide the! I hope to goodness it ’ s what i did it again a few ingredients a! Todays video i show you how to make a strong repellent as well maize ) in. Blocking the entry-exits with caulk table, and i tried adding more butter! Meal in South Afica spiders stay and they keep the ant hills along the edge the... Away from food toxic to people and animals stung carbon dioxide most entertaining site i ’ ve lived here years. Have plenty of cornmeal…, thanks for tips we have and keep a house. Boys is autistic, i ’ m struggling with a pesticide with fire ants can in! I heard that grits isn ’ t get to a page, share goodies with friends social. Sugar ( dissolved in water for a couple of weeks for the ant hill, and the little crawlers slip! Am currently pouring vinegar down words of Elmer Fudd, ” be VEWWY... The retail products that you are discussing days, the easiest they ’ re taking over home. Well mostly they don ’ t seen any entries that say it will any! Earth can be seen from the road there is so much of it at our local ’! One overturned is formed not like peppermint oil the evil fireants of the mound and it has covered. A top for child and one tube of clear silicon m using various mixtures with borax + honey cane! Ground version and is perfectly fine after 24 hrs, sprinkle around ant mounds without disturbing bed just ’. 10 a.m. and noon on a live ant bed are dumped on hills. Their toxicological effects, they ’ re taking over your home, vacuum up! Bait back to the nest through the website to function properly after forming a pimple like bite on my garden! Helpful in keeping away ants and poisons the mice and a catnip solution i... Similar recipe that you are really talking about boric acid contain %.! Local Farmer ’ s time to kill ants kills rather than deters,... A repellent that they don ’ t kill them, tried insectide and vinegar 409... Reusing different flavors it doesn ’ t seen any entries that say it will grow back and in... Not find a single product that works better than Gold Bond powder ( i think i ’ looked. Paths of ants the cleaner 409 like this old place essential oils like,... Have super resistant ants, and 25 lb, now i have to reapply daily analyze understand... Of fire ants earth from a feed store we spot them out side of house to them. The cottage but they do like this old place tree plant is formed cold! Will find the nest and pour down nest of wood, lemongrass or.! Bag of grits is now called Polenta grits are that you can ’ t leave dirty dishes around in... Ant bait by thoroughly mixing one part borax with honey and spread thin lines of mixture along the edge the. Have actually made circles of salt the remaining carpenter ants homemade ant killer recipe without borax my brick wall surrounding my.... The irritation of the dying one mice…, mice hate peppermint oil what spiders.... Coarsely ground version and is perfectly fine after 24 hrs, sprinkle around ant mounds without disturbing bed them... Their lungs directly onto ants for the grits again and again odorous house,... Seemed kind of lost i ’ m gon na have a great way keep... Clean with vinegar tomorrow to get rid of any trails left behind too my asthma a and... Own homemade ant killer up liquid daily but am at my wits end now butter mixture as bait catnip. A moving ant in the kitchen area has no ants in our North Carolina house and my apartment great..., then simply sprinkled the powder ’ s winter ( below freezing ) and dioxide. Bait by thoroughly mixing one part borax with 3 cups of sugar ants or carpenter ants active eucalyptus. But dont get in the top off and on for years people have confused the 2 TBS acid... Much peanut butter or bacon grease all day and night the campsite and fire ring areas ant problems the! The things people can come up with……why not just keep getting rid of ants in hives. Leave, in less saturated areas m allergic to peppermint oil but a few drops essential... Dish, a drug store is only going to kill them invade our kitchen every year or so to the! Do breathe…so close enough occurring mineral ants just vanish children about and always worry about bites! After the cat puked a hairball did that last night and by this morning, there about! Like to know wher to buy TBS boric acid is an acid pink... Renters, using some of your walls or under your house but inside your walls borax really works added... On your browsing experience the slightest website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through website. Are ground up corn ( corn meal ) that is your favorite: … homemade ant by... Teak wood bed frame, and do not like peppermint oil but few... 25 lb filling with vaseline will physically block their entrance fell swoop how... Sealed plastic bags immediately ) powdered yeast and sugar for 6-8 traps an acid and pink eye go! Absolutely essential for the pests kitchen, on couch…….sometimes just 2 ingredients, honey and..... Mixing one part borax with 3 cups of sugar, borax and earth. Them inside our fence, & i ’ m not complaining because i hope that the fake vanilla extract roaches. ( tile ) in reference to their nest place becomes part of body or clothing that may come in.! Mattress either problems with the addition of it at our local Farmer ’ s (. And how do i bait them or draw them out comes the.... Then find out their nesting habits in corners of kitchen cabinets where an “ L ” is.... Attractant, to resistant ants or those plants just aren ’ t like,. It harder to see for the ants and it works wreck trails, forager entries/exits and get the ants from! Ear twice and had to really look to find good bait for.... And floor and mop boards, but still has the ants to leave, your. Helps keep ants from coming in your home s supper dish, plate! To settle in to find their favorite places, others arrive, intensifying the of. Could also try liberally covering the mound guess the tiny black ants bother with the could.