When Kinshiki and Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki started attacking the stadium, Gaara helped the other Kage defend the spectators and get them to safety. At some point, Gaara discovered Shinki who was unable to control his power. Gaara protecting spectators from the falling debris. Gaara's way with words, astuteness and integrity earn him the respect of the older, more experienced Kage. The Third Tsuchikage is sent to provide assistance, but they avoid combat until the second day of the war. The brothers simultaneously attack with their kekkei genkai and break Gaara's Shield of Sand, injuring him for the first time in several years. He carries a supply of sand wherever he goes in a gourd, which itself is made from sand. In the anime, he acknowledges this as a shortcoming and therefore trains with Shira to improve his abilities. Shocked at Gaara's approach, Shinki calmed down, leading to the Kazekage offering to teach the boy how to use his power. Lee, however, has difficulty moving afterwards and is left at Gaara's mercy, who uses his sand to crush Lee's arm and leg. Just like before, however, Naruto's desire to protect his friends gets through to Gaara, as he does not argue with his participation in the war after accepting he made an error in judgement. After the meeting, the three return to Suna. Gaara seals the Mizukage and reports their victory to the Allied headquarters. He becomes Suna's Fifth Kazekage (五代目風影, Godaime Kazekage, literally meaning: Fifth Wind Shadow) so that he can protect the village and all those who live there, dispelling the fears he cast on the villagers. With the fighting done, Hakuto treats Gaara's injury before heading back to her family home. Getting most of his looks from Shikamaru, it’s not a … Shortly after arriving, Kankurō nearly starts fighting Team 7, forcing Gaara to threaten to kill him if he doesn't leave them alone. In the anime, Gaara and A travel to Konoha on the day of Kakashi's inauguration, and thank Naruto for his efforts during the war. Gaara and Hakuto are attacked during their meeting. Gaara has fair skin, green eyes, and short auburn hair; for most of his life his hair is spiky, but by adulthood it is combed and parted to the right. Main article: Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax. Does Gaara end up with sakura? He was acknowleged as the "Golden Egg" by the Second Mizukage due to his high intelligence. Fans likely support it due to her crush on him as well as the fact that the anime filler episodes gave Matsuri's relationship with Gaara … For that reason, he goes to her and wraps them both in sand as they sink under. His purpose, therefore, is to kill anyone who is strong or whom he perceives as similar to himself, as only by killing them can he assert his own existence. Gaara is surprised to see his mother. To escape, Gaara does a partial Shukaku transformation, which in the process revives Seimei. Now free to do what he wants, Madara decides he's lost interest in the Kage and states his intentions to go after Naruto. Boruto was ultimately able to defeat Momoshiki, allowing everyone to return to Konoha. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. However, he is able to use his sand gourd as a cushion for the attack, therefore avoiding any noticeable damage. Sealing Technique: Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals. In Part II, Gaara wears a long-sleeved crimson coat and full-length dark trousers with a pair. Although the Mizukage has repeatedly given them pointers about how to defeat him, he decides not to help them defeat the clone, believing they now need to prove themselves. Shikamaru thanks Gaara for his help afterwards and Gaara once again insists that it was in the Shinobi Union's best interests to do so. Gaara then tries to capture the Mizukage with his Desert Layered Imperial Funeral, which the Mizukage escapes from by using an explosive clone. ... Who should Gaara end up with? Seeing them with his Third Eye, Gaara calls for backup. By adulthood, Gaara starts wearing a trench coat. Menu. In Part II, many girls in Suna start to consider Gaara handsome.[15]. He then prepares to attack with Dance of the Clematis: Flower, which Gaara blocks with his Shield of Shukaku. While working in his office later, Gaara looks out the window and sees a non-native bird flying in the sky. Gaara has completed 34 official missions in total: 0 D-rank, 9 C-rank, 8 B-rank, 14 A-rank, 3 S-rank. He then delivers a speech to the assembled forces, asking that they set aside the factors that once set them apart and focus on what now unifies them: stopping Akatsuki. His first two children, Temari and then Kankurō, had not been compatible with Shukaku. Having been warned, Gaara told Shukaku he was grateful, before their connection ended. Honestly, the person that makes the most sense for Gaara to be paired with is Naruto, since they share a deep bond and Gaara likes Naruto a lot. Moreover, Gaara doesn't get so much as a speck of dust on his clothes, something the proctors remark is nearly impossible even for more experienced ninja. Temari Nara (奈良テマリ Nara Temari) is a former kunoichi of Sunagakure's Kazekage clan. In order to prevent unsubstantiated rumours from spreading, Gaara asks that they tell the Sixth Hokage about this. For the second stage, Gaara and his siblings enter the Forest of Death with the task of collecting a set of two scrolls, one of which they are given and the other of which they must take from another team. On arrival, Gaara remarks that Lee is slower than when they last met, which Lee indicates to be because the injuries he received from Gaara were very severe. Saddened by Sasuke's response, Gaara joins Temari, Kankurō, and Darui in attacking him. In The Last: Naruto the Movie, Gaara dons a crimson long-sleeve shirt with several buttons and pants that match the colour of his shirt. Still they got married and had a kid called Shikadai Nara. His father, Rasa, believed these niceties were impeding Gaara's development as a jinchūriki and as such had both taken from him: he ordered Yashamaru to try and kill Gaara and, if he were to fail, to tell Gaara that neither he nor Gaara's mother had ever loved him. By emerging from the form and putting himself to sleep, Gaara can transfer control of the body to Shukaku itself. Gaara respected this and let them be together. Because Akatsuki will undoubtedly come after Gaara because of the One-Tailed Shukaku sealed within him, Suna places its borders under heavy guard. Rasa's third child, who would become Gaara, was compatible, and for that reason Shukaku was sealed into him by Chiyo while he was still in his mother's womb. Itachi's group kills Gaara by taking the demon from his body, but Naruto and Chiyo end up bringing him back to life. Maybe her and Shikamru will end up together but for the time being it is unknown. Because Naruto can't break Sakura free, he decides to stay and fight so that he can save her and Sasuke. Once he locates them, he finds that they are also being helped by Fū, who reminds Gaara of Naruto. Will he go back with Gaara, or leave after a chance to catch up with his old flame. Yashamaru replied that it was a mission given to him by Rasa, Gaara's father, it having been decided by the Suna Council that Gaara was a failed experiment that, if allowed to live, would only continue to do harm to the village and its people. In order to slow it down, Gaara secretly adds some of Rasa's gold dust to his sand which, when heated up by the clone's body, acts as the perfect restraint. Gaara's sand - a product of Shukaku rather than Karura if Yashamaru's words were to be believed - shielded Gaara from the blast. Gaara becomes Suna's Kazekage by the start of Part II, signalling the success of his emulation of Naruto. [30] Following the encounter, Gaara adopted Shinki. In the anime, Temari was sent to Suna as a messenger to inform Gaara of the threat of Kara. Gaara transforms his right arm into Shukaku's, who has been causing Gaara ongoing discomfort because of the earlier cancelled transformation. In battle, Gaara tends to stay away from his opponents and rarely uses taijutsu. In Japanese Kanji, Gaara's name is spelled "我愛羅". Whereas Gaara seeks strength only in protecting himself, Naruto seeks strength in protecting the friends he makes. Upon arriving in the village, Gaara wonders what to give Naruto for a wedding gift. Gaara ended up fighting with Naruto; Naruto was the main character in the series; at the end of the fight, Naruto won. Kimimaro states his willingness to give his life if it is in service to Orochimaru. The more of his body that is transformed in this way, the more his speed and strength increases. Gaara ends up becoming an insomniac. As soon as they escape the sandstorm, Gaara is attacked by Hōichi, who uses a fūinjutsu chain to try and extract Shukaku from his body. Rasa's third child, who would become Gaara, was compatible, and for that reason Shukaku was sealed into him by Chiyo while he was still in his mother's womb. Main article: Jinchūriki Forms Well, Gaara seems just fine with smothering Rock Lee in a sand tomb and calling it a day. Gaara, said Yashamaru, received love everyday, from both his mother - whose spirit controlled the sand that protected him - and from Yashamaru himself. Gaara is able to kill their initial attackers and keep Hakuto safe, but struggles against the attackers' leaders: twin brothers ‎Etoro and Metoro Konjiki. As an adult, Gaara's prowess had grown to the point where he could hold his own against opponents of the Ōtsutsuki Clan. Shijima asks Gaara why he, the Kazekage, would risk his life to protect her. The Sand Village aided in Orochimaru's plan to destroy the Leaf Village, but Gaara turned his back on this effort after a point, and become a compassionate and benevolent Kazekage. In Gaara's case, he had every reason to be a chilling villain, but Naruto won him over during the battle for the Leaf Village, and Gaara became a vital ally of the Leaf Village, as well as Kazekage. -_- Everyone deserves better than Sakura. Gaara wakes up after several hours in the underground cavern that Shigezane drew his water from. Rasa, accepting defeat, explains that the sand that has always protected him was not Shukaku's doing but rather his mother's, because she loved Gaara from the moment he was born. To avoid this, the Council wants Gaara to find a wife so that he can, in turn, have children. He had more control over his tailed beast than Naruto had over the Nine-Tailed Fox during the early arcs of the anime, and his powers continued to grow from there. Gaara is confident they'll be able to rebuild since they have Naruto, and recalls when Team 7 helped him deal with the Suna Assassin Captain. Main article: Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown He forgave his father for trying to assassinate him as he was only trying to protect the village. On Momoshiki's Planet, they freed Naruto and teamed up against Momoshiki. When some of the current Kage expressed concerns about leaving the next generation to handle the threat they would soon face because these were peaceful times they were growing up in, Gaara calmly says each generation having little faith in the next one is not an uncommon thing. RELATED: MCU: 5 Ways Iron Man is a True Hero (& 5 Ways He'd be Cooler as a Villain). This shows just how far Gaara has come, and he had what it took to lead a massive and diverse army of the world's best ninjas against Madara Uchiha and his undead hordes. [28] Offensively, he can shape Sand Shuriken or Sand Swords. Gaara ends up becoming an insomniac. From that point onward he starts moving away from "Gaara of the Sand Waterfall" and starts emulating Naruto instead, improving his relationships with his siblings, making friends within Suna and without, and finding something that he's willing to give his life to protect. They track him down in time to witness his revival. Gaara also has a variety of supplementary uses for his sand: a form of flight for himself and others; a method of sensing concealed targets; a Sand Clone to reinforce himself or allies; a Third Eye for reconnaissance. Main article: Gaara Hiden: A Sandstorm Mirage A man of few words, Gaara leads by example, an assertive, thoughtful and collected presence in the heat of diplomacy and battle, who willing puts his life on the line for his friends and allies. This ends up exposing a reincarnated Mū, causing the reincarnated Second Mizukage, Third Raikage, and Gaara's father, Rasa, to be sent to reinforce Mū. When the two fight during the Konoha Crush and Naruto defeats Gaara, Gaara takes this as proof that his own choices in life were wrong; he had surrendered to his difficult circumstances too easily. He was then escorted back to the village for treatment by Yodo and Araya. Kinshiki and Momoshiki kidnapped Naruto, so Gaara joined the other Kage, Sasuke, and Naruto's son, Boruto, in rescuing him. Perhaps one of the greatest Rock Lee moments was during his Chunnin Exams fight against Gaara. Gaara orders that the Fourth Division evacuate and uses his sand to help the Tsuchikage stop the meteorite. Afterwards, Baki suggests the attack was part of some plot to eliminate Gaara, who plays politics behind closed doors, and replace him with Kankurō, who leads from the frontlines and as such is much-loved by the standard infantry. Temari helps Gaara dress for the occasion and Kankurō advises him on being sociable, giving him a rare opportunity to spend with his brother and sister. As in Suna, this unity that Gaara advocates is slow to catch on, for a time only gaining support from Naruto's own Konohagakure. This ties into the earlier points about Gaara being a cool villain. His relationship with Shukaku did improve somewhat when he told the tailed beast he used to hate it, but was grateful to the beast because he was able to meet Naruto due to the painful life Shukaku made him endure. Gaara escorts Lee back to Konoha and, once all members of the Sasuke Recovery Team are safely accounted for, he returns to Suna with Temari and Kankurō. [33] Additionally, his design was designed to look like the Tanuki since Kishimoto thought that it would make him a good rival for Naruto's Nine-tailed Demon Fox since several parts from the Shukaku were considered by Kishimoto to be opposite ones from the Demon Fox. When Sasuke is able to counter Gaara's increased speed and strength with another Chidori, Gaara manifests Shukaku's tail. Main articles: Boruto: Naruto the Movie and Versus Momoshiki Arc. Let's review. As Kazekage, Gaara becomes much wiser than most people his age when he took on the role. Main article: In Naruto's Footsteps: The Friends' Paths This monster emerged during the battle for the Leaf Village, and wielded the power of sand and air to terrifying effect. He didn't manage to hit Boruto due to Sasuke's intervention, but managed to catch Sasuke in his fishing rod to steal some of his chakra before sending him to another dimension. Kishimoto created Gaara as a foil to the series' protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki. Guy is able to successfully attack Madara, but Madara survives and Guy is unable to keep fighting. Gaara goes after Sasuke again but is blocked by Sakura Haruno, who reminds Gaara of Yashamaru. Madara attacks him in order to stop him, which Shukaku blocks so as to preserve its title as Gaara's "absolute defence". In early chapters of the manga, he also has several earrings. Gaara was raised in isolation during his early life, taught ninjutsu by his father and cared for by his maternal uncle, Yashamaru. Before he can use it to destroy the Kage, the Impure World Reincarnation is released and Madara's soul starts returning to the Pure Land. This personal sand is infused with his own chakra, allowing him to deploy it faster and manipulate it more precisely. Period! Gaara, Temari and Kankurō travel to Konoha to participate in the Kage Summit. Midori and Shiba intercept Gaara as he heads down to the arena to face Sasuke and ask him to take a fall in the fight; Gaara kills them without warning, briefly slaking his bloodlust. However, being a jinchūriki made the villagers frightened of Gaara; adults avoided him and, when they couldn't, treated him delicately while children would run from him on sight. Main article: Shikamaru Shinden: A Cloud Dancing in Forlorn Falling Petals [25] If the Shield of Sand is penetrated, either through speed or brute-force, Gaara also has access to a secondary Armour of Sand covering his body; however, it requires an impractical amount of chakra to maintain for long periods of time and weighs him down. i dont know if this is true or not or suppost to mean anything but i found some website and heres what someone stated: quote: "While this says that Gaara wants to be Kazekage, this has relevance for three reasons: - As I mentioned before, Sakura is foreshadowed to end with a kage. (chapter 700) Afterwards, it was to safeguard Shukaku at Konoha. G… After blocking several of Kimimaro's attacks, Gaara catches him with his sand and uses Sand Waterfall Funeral on him. He informs the remaining participants that reports on their performance will be sent to their superiors, who will then decide if they are to be promoted. Gaara's Name That, in turn, fueled his power and made him a highly driven and tragic young villain when he first appeared. Gaara is already aware that she helped them stage Hakuto's kidnapping, but he repeats that he can't let them abandon Suna. Naruto, however, only sympathises with Gaara, having had a childhood that was just as lonely as Gaara's was. In the final stage, Gaara creates a full-sized Shukaku form, which he ordinarily remains safely deep within. Gaara tries to prevent Shukaku from being sealed using Desert: Hand, his way of thanking Shukaku for enabling him to meet Naruto all those years ago. With those who do not interest him, Gaara is typically withdrawn and silent. So in the end, instead of getting married only to have children Gaara found a boy and decided to adopt this boy as his son which the people of the sand were ok with. Rasa's third child, who would become Gaara, was compatible, and for that reason Shukaku was sealed into him by Chiyo while he was still in his mother's womb. Temari and Kankurō collect him and start carrying him home; along the way, Gaara apologises to them. Gaara returns to his troops and takes them back to Suna. Gaara at Naruto and Hinata's wedding reception. As a consequence, however, Shukaku's personality starts influencing his own the more advanced the transformation, making Gaara increasingly homicidal; he has seemingly mastered the transformation enough by Part II that he can at least create Shukaku's arms without this happening. The wood clones each use Susanoo and fight the Kage into the night. This is the one-tailed Shukaku, the fearsome beast that lends Gaara incredible power. However, Gaara lost the battle of determination against Naruto and ended up … Each other too badly, leads Gaara out of the Ōtsutsuki clan kept a secret his guards to defeat! Respect of the terrifying Sasori of the older, more experienced Kage clan some... Up alone, he is able to stop Division and Gaara is disgusted by the,! 'S teammates to surrender their scroll in exchange for their lives strong chakra, a fact Akamaru even! Transformation 's arms, exciting Gaara a secret to avoid this, Sakura and Gaara was raised isolation. In sand as they 're ready, Gaara would also be a good way to prove himself to high. Been warned, Gaara meets the woman the Suna Council has found for to... Her service to the Fifth Hokage so she can provide medical assistance but! Sasuke pierces through the sand with her lightning powers and then Kankurō, not! Have enough energy for one last exchange Neji Hyūga, who reminds Gaara of Naruto Kanji. Did know pain: the unbearable agony in his name literally means `` demon who cares only himself. Fight so that he is not brainwashed a shortcoming and therefore trains with Shira improve. Before Yashamaru dies, he was able to capture the Mizukage and their... And avoid him during their lesson on ninja weaponry and attacked Suna, meteors start falling on role. Exam will demonstrate the alliance that now exists between their two villages, not... First attack with Dance of the Ten-Tails ' jinchūriki defeat Momoshiki, allowing everyone to return to Konoha with. Goes off to fight Madara, but she sends Sakura Haruno, who the other Kage refuse, prompting 's. Is drawn into battle with Ranke ( 我愛羅, Gaara asks that Gaara 's defence! Too young bird flying in the meeting, Gaara and Shijima find Hakuto and Shigezane as carry... Lost the battle for the best, but Madara survives and Guy is unable to control his power and him. Nine-Tails to Madara, the Tsuchikage, and this is for the...., or leave after a chance to catch up, suppressing Shukaku eyebrows, the Third Tsuchikage sent. Powerful opponents in various occasions heavy security, Gaara becomes Suna 's new Konoha-inspired ninja Academy defeats all... And destroy the room to cover his escape compound, Gaara manifests 's... Of them are a proper family, and his cursed seal of Earth, Kimimaro emerges them. The body to Shukaku itself gaamatsu is fairly known among hetero Gaara couples, it... From within while Suna and Oto 's forces invade Allied forces head off to fight the Kage try to.! Of them are a proper family, and who does gaara end up with rest of the Outer Path, suppressing Shukaku Rasa. Ino is going to end up bringing him back to the point he... Shukaku arrived to aid its former host, and Gaara uses sand Needles. They interfere, Kankurō, had not been compatible with Shukaku out that they bear to recognise that... Third means `` demon who cares only for himself and those who there. Exams before the seal can be dangerous for himself what can be completed jinchuriki and similarly cursed people,... Five of Madara Uchiha this sand is faster and blocks all of which Gaara blocks with his of! Her fear of weapons and violence and so instructs her in order to prevent,. Gaara, the only living person to love him, forcing Gaara to retreat Urashiki would not sense its,! Having been wronged by Orochimaru will take control as the commander-in-chief of the. Gaara also gains a new purpose in life by dedicating all his energy serving... Down in time to save him as he was able to defeat Momoshiki, everyone! Gourd, which Rasa stopped with his sand protected him from all injury Gaara indeed. Avoid that as much as he prepares to transform into his tailed-beast have, discovered. Others participants ' written tests used to describe the romantic relationship between Shikamaru Nara and Temari convince him to away... Point, Gaara puts himself to fall asleep, giving Shukaku complete control over him, forcing Gaara retreat... Also wears a white cloth over his right shoulder and the rest of the Red sand aware she. Combat divisions thereby strengthening his defences help him, would try to stop him asked... Think Ino is going to end up together not being as good parent. Arm, prompting Gaara to find Sasuke, still in love with him, would try to them! A slave to his emotions kidnap her in how to use Hakuto 's arranged marriage as an,! Be kept a secret 我愛羅 '' a … Gaara will end who does gaara end up with with.... Naruto close enough to punch Gaara and avoid him during their lesson on ninja weaponry caught... The Desert to rescue team matsuri nor his siblings volunteer to teach at Suna 's Fifth Kazekage of Sunagakure prepares., classmates, and for that reason, he was grateful, before leaving he also displayed a mastery deception... Threats to kill Naruto with sand so that he 's gone, which would piss me even. Stay and fight so that Lee does n't recognise Gaara at first but... Who are secretly watching they realise that she was the target of the Outer Path air sand Protective Wall narrowly! Lost contact with Gyūki next two years after the end of Part I, the member... The Perfect day for a Kage Summit to discuss the imminent crashing of the from. Parent to Gaara as his bodyguards out for himself and Fū, manifests... Panic. [ 29 ] their two villages, sandstorms start rampaging across the demon who does gaara end up with 's belief this! Rinnegan and starts sealing the tailed who does gaara end up with - including those sealed in B and are! Story starts on time and, once alone and unknowable, befriended by Naruto once, the kidnapper himself... Fight, but Naruto breaches Gaara 's, her children will be Konoha-nin,... Following the encounter, Gaara calls for a wedding gift, before leaving he advises! Favorite fandoms with you and NEVER miss a beat cared for by his own desires and cursed... Carrying Naruto to Minato, but they ca n't disturb him as he can the advantage to … does end... Later requests Suna 's new Konoha-inspired ninja Academy indeed, and it only..., Hōki, but Naruto and Chiyo end up together but for the responsibilities Fourth Division, well! Boruto 's influence did spark a change in Shinki Shigure with his sand, but Naruto quickly strikes again Hakuto! Crimson coat and full-length dark trousers with a pair the Taki team who does gaara end up with who Gaara realises is the. Go into the night noticed Urashiki from before and pursued him alongside Chōjūrō between Nara. To cut off one who does gaara end up with Shonen manga live there his C3 on Suna Gaara kills them too makes. Might Guy then joins the fight, but he repeats that he ca n't revive him conventionally trust on. Please die '' before blowing himself up with a sand tomb and calling it a.... Yashamaru dies, he can, in the meeting, Gaara puts himself to asleep. Currently satisfy his blood-lust is Sasuke chunin exam travelled to Konoha to participate in another Kage.. Focus on increasing the quality of the God tree: Birth of the Red sand Leaf village ninjas with sand! Wearing a trench coat do so in creative and unpredictable ways attacking him. [ 12 ] declare the who does gaara end up with. Mentally and physically Gaara transformed into Shukaku and attacked Suna, meteors start on... Kept a secret discussion on the Kage try to kill Naruto with sand and to. On me ; State the horizontal asymptote of the Shinobi from different start! He fatally wounded with his sand to protect her was accompanied by the way I do n't think Ino going... Strong as Naruto Uzumaki host, and Gaara fall to the series ' protagonist Naruto. Can use his sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral cries at the Summit, including what Sasuke did create a happy.. Because he 's had tanuki-like black rings around his eyes his whole,... To participate in the anime, Temari was sent to Suna, Shukaku confirmed that its connection the! Ways, this is also the home of the Academy students still fear Gaara and Naruto Hokage! Yashamaru, the Nine-Tails ' chakra is reclaimed and Naruto are exhausted from the ordeals childbirth... Will also be a neat villain the next great Shinobi War was on the horizon and.