진짜요? konsenteu eodie isseoyo? eonjejjeum tonghwaga ganeunghalkkayo? English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationPlease give me 1 hot coffee 따뜻한 아메리카노 한잔 주세요 ttatteutan amerikano hanjan juseyoPlease give me 2 ice coffees 아이스 아메리카노 두잔 주세요 aiseu amerikano dujan juseyoDo you have non-caffeinated drinks? eodieseo yageul badeul su isseoyo?I have a prescription to fill 처방전을 받아 왔어요 cheobangjeoneul bada wasseoyo. Secondly, many of the Korean theaters have movies that start well into midnight. Then as you improve your ability to speak in Korean, you can increase it to 20% Korean and 80% English. Making friends with Koreans through online or in reality is not difficult anymore, right? For Koreans, barbecuing meat is almost a religion. You will also have a higher chance of the landlord accepting you if you can speak Korean. nuguseyo?Can I speak to Ella please? You may be worried about the stylist chopping away at your gorgeous locks of hair. That way you can learn some simple phrases without having to know all of the intricacies of the language. English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationBon appétit 맛있게 드세요 masitge deuseyoEat up! It’s an important part of most people’s lives. or Don’t leave. 내 ë°° 가 아파 (nae baega apa) My stomach hurts. wolse eolmayeyo?How much is the deposit? Taxi drivers are usually friendly, so by showing that you speak a bit of Korean, you’ll often have a fun conversation on the ride there! Not only do they use polite language, but you can use them to comfortably speak with those older and younger than you. Here, we will go over some, If you’re learning Korean but you don’t have Korean ancestry in your family, then you’re in the clear! jigap isseoyo?Can I pay with credit card? Make your house search a smooth and fun process by learning how to speak a bit of the language. These phrases are used when you want to apologize to someone who has the same age as you or just a little bit older than you. English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationI need to see a doctor 진찰을 받고 싶어요 jinchareul batgo sipeoyoI have health insurance 건강 보험 있어요 geongang boheom isseoyoMy body aches all over 몸살 났어요 momsal nasseoyoI have a headache 머리가 아파요 meoriga apayoI have a sore throat 목이 아파요 mogi apayoI have a stomachache 배가 아파요 baega apayoI have diarrhea 설사를 해요 seolsareul haeyoI have an upset stomach 체했어요 chehaesseoyoMy nose is runny 자꾸 콧물이 나요 jakku konmuri nayoMy nose is stuffy 코가 막혔어요 koga makyeosseoyoI don’t have any allergies 알레르기가 없어요 allereugiga eopseoyoI am allergic to cucumber 오이에 알레르기가 있어요 oie allereugiga isseoyoWhere can I get this prescription filled? You may even notice these Korean move theater brands in other countries. Some recommended products may use affiliate links. Sometimes, there will be a pharmacy inside the hospital! 배송기간은 얼마나 걸려요? No need to create an account or provide credit card details – it’s free! English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationAre there any seats available for the 7:30pm showing? There are a variety of Korean movie theaters, some of the popular being CGV, Lotte Cinema, and Megabox. hyudaepon eonje chajeureo ol su isseoyo? You either have to ask a Korean friend, you have to fumble around with basic Korean and body language. Does she have a boyfriend? Many Korean people use the expression "Have you eaten?" This goes doubly if you live in an area with many twisty side streets—something that Korea is quite famous for! 가장 가까운 병원이 어디예요? You might use them if you’re visiting Korea, or if you’re getting Korean food at the local restaurant in your area. 얼마예요? We highly recommend you learn the Korean alphabet (Hangeul) ASAP. If you really want to dial in your schedule down to the minute, you can download applications to tell you which bus will arrive at certain times. 언제 다시 볼까요? 여기에서 멀어요? ireumi mwoyeyo?My name is John 제 이름은 존이에요 je ireumeun jonieyoWhere are you from? I think this is my favorite Korean word among the 15 most common Korean phrases for K-drama addicts, because I think it is cute and when you say it, it makes you cute too! Learn them so you have them ready in case of an emergency. This phrase means “I don’t know”. Get these Korean phrases under your belt and you’ll be well on your way to breaking the ice with anyone you meet. The Korean language has it’s own specialized vocabulary terms when it comes to shopping, so make sure you know these before you head out for the next shopping spree. In the basic Korean phrases above, we gave you the most common way to thank someone. 버스 카드 어디에서 충전할 수 있어요? It’s hard for them to imagine living without that tasty part of their cuisine. 기생충 영화는 언제 상영해요? When asked this question, most people reply with “cell phone!” as their first response. 아싸! Surely you have heard of these two words already, since I think almost all K-dramas have grandmother and grandfather as part of the character roles. The next time you make or receive a phone call in Korean, you can speak with confidence! Best to leave the care of your finest threads to the professionals. eonje uri gachi jeonyeok meogeulkkayo?You are pretty! That is because these two phrases are either formal or informal, depending on the situation you are in. The staff will likely speak to you in honorific language, but you can reply in standard everyday Korean. yeonghwaneun museun jangneueyo?How long is the movie? Ready for some adventure? 언제 우리 같이 저녁 먹을까요? 쉬는 시간 시간 있어요? Dec 13, 2017 - Learn korean grammar made with free interactive flashcards. If you feel the same about your clothing, then you know that Korean dry cleaners can be your best friend! Trustworthy Websites for Learning the Korean Language, Tips on How to Easily Remember Korean Words, REASONS YOUR KOREAN LANGUAGE LEARNING HAS NOT ADVANCED YET, Ways to Learn and Understand the Korean Language. Most often this happens when you call into an office or company. Simple, beginner-level Korean phrases. 세관 서류 필요해요? All Korean Vocabulary PDFs; All Korean Vocabulary PDFs. TOPIK GUIDE Team. So, those are the phrases and words that I often hear when watching K-dramas. Pharmacists in Korea are very helpful. gochineun biyong eolmayeyo?When can I pick up my phone? We are committed to helping international students prepare for the TOPIK test. The cars are clean, the fares are inexpensive, and it’s usually quite easy to find one. Korea has a massive coffee-drinking culture, and it’s continuing to spread! ilgopsie kkaewojusigesseoyo?I want to check out now 지금 체크 아웃하고 싶어요 jigeum chekeu authago sipeoyo. While Korea has an abundance of food now, the phrase still remains as a greeting to show concern for others. 타이거가 한국말로 뭐예요? They’re great for using with common Korean phrases, or for trying out new grammar structures. jamkkanmanyo!I feel sick 아파요 apayoI need a doctor 의사가 필요해요 uisaga piryohaeyoTake me to the hospital (to taxi) 병원에 가주세요 byeongwone gajuseyo. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the basic Korean phrases and expressions essential to survive in Korea. ) You’ve got the Korean phrases necessary to have simple interactions, so now’s the time to put your language skills to use! It’s very accurate! In the Korean language, there’s a cultural phrase called “빨리 빨리”, which means “quickly, quickly”. “If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items (besides food and clothing) would you take?”. You can also use this phrase to say “I don’t know” to elders. Gravity. sesie geojedo ganeun beoseu jari isseoyo?Does this bus stop in Incheon International Airport? Pack your bags! I always hear this word before someone asks a question. yeonghwa jamak isseoyo?What time is Parasite the movie showing? English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationDo you have electrical outlets? However, jwesonghapnidah is more polite. Start things off with a simple “잠시만요”, and then get to chat in the local language! English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationPlease stop the bus here 여기서 세워 주세요 yeogiseo sewo juseyoPlease open the bus door 버스 문 열어 주세요 beoseu mun yeoreo juseyoWhat time is the last bus? This is one of the most useful phrases in the language. If you’re living in Korea, chances are quite often! We have onomatopoeia in English already, but mimetic words are something new. Knowing a bit of Hangeul will help you, especially when you leave the big cities such as Seoul or Busan. modu eolmayeyo? If you study the phrases below, you’ll have a lot to talk about when you meet your friends. Thus, making it the most popular among the 15 most common Korean phrases for K-drama addicts. hyudaepon chungjeongi parayo?Can I buy a data plan for my phone? you want to practice Speak French for beginner. Most of them don’t speak English, but they will usually do their best with what they know to help you find a place. More than 50 million students study for free with the Quizlet app each month! After all, it’s really easy to miscommunicate when you’re learning to speak in a foreign language! baesonggiganeun eolmana geollyeoyo?What is the zip code for this address? kadeu dwaeyo?Please give me a refund 환불해 주세요 hwanbulhae juseyoPlease exchange this 교환해 주세요 gyohwanhae juseyoPlease wrap it for me 포장해 주세요 pojanghae juseyoOne-time payment 일시불 ilsibul3 month installments 3개월 할부 samgaewol halbu. Take the Quiz Select Korean and start the quiz. This is commonly used because it is very simple. (jal meogeotseumnida), you’d actually used that to say “thank you” in Korean. aigo!Unbelievable! My son told me that he taught you some basic Korean grammar! Choose from 500 different sets of korean flashcards on Quizlet. Use these Korean phrases to get a caffeine boost that will supercharge your Korean language learning. If you’ve been to Seoul before, then you know you can go more than a few minutes in each direction without running into a cafe. kadeu dwaeyo? English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationDo you have Tylenol? You can use the keyboard arrows (up/down to flip the card, right/left to go forward and back) or just click on the cards. However, knowing a few phrases or specialty words in Korean can help. So I had to drag him to a nearby restaurant just so he can understand what I am trying to say. 소포 왔어요? 이게 뭐예요 ige mwoyeyoDon’t worry! 하루에 방이 얼마예요? However, emergencies do happen, and it’s always good to know a few key phrases to help make sure that you navigate through them smoothly! That way, you can check the bus arrival times before you get to the bus stop. Get your results After taking the quiz, you will receive your results by email. I guess this is one of the overused Korean phrase in K-dramas. sigan eolmana geollyeoyo?Please don’t cut it too short 너무 짧게 자르지 마세요 neomu jjalge jareuji maseyoPlease cut it a little shorter here 여기 조금 더 잘라 주세요 yeogi jogeum deo jalla juseyoPlease just trim my hair 좀 다듬어 주세요 jom dadeumeo juseyoPlease just trim my bangs 앞머리만 다듬어 주세요 ammeoriman dadeumeo juseyoPlease trim the sides and even out the top 위에는 그냥 두고 옆에만 다듬어주세요 wieneun geunyang dugo yeopeman dadeumeojuseyoLeave the back long 뒷머리는 길게 남겨 두세요 dwinmeorineun gilge namgyeo duseyoI’d like to make an appointment tomorrow at 2pm 내일 오후 2시로 예약을 하고싶은데요 naeil ohu dusiro yeyageul hagosipeundeyoI’d like my hair like this person in the picture 사진에 있는 사람처럼 머리를 잘라 주세요 sajine inneun saramcheoreom meorireul jalla juseyoMake it about this long 이 정도로 길게 해 주세요 i jeongdoro gilge hae juseyo. Yogeume josigeun pohamdoeeo isseoyo? what have you eaten? these recommendations of the language used for ordering.! S similar to what you ’ ll provide the phrases have cultural nuances, so back! Re organized in sections so they might not be the phrase that can... ) meaning: Beauty is in desperate situation or this word signifies you. Tool daily quizlet korean phrases better learn Korean Love phrases page for a credit?. ( 네 ) – Yes the phone is the nearest police station to... You been up to hopefully you will have a table for 4 people 못생겼다 ” “ 더 남자의! That ’ s ingrained into the personalities, activities, and Megabox bolkkayo! When it counts those lengthy episodes famous for people use the expression have! Long is the least expensive shipping option, most people reply with “ cell phone ”! Imagine living without that tasty part of the 90 Day Korean members area, we have in. Ll still be considered polite 서비스 seobiseurecognize or respect 인정 Korean smartphone.! Meogeotseumnidait ’ s similar to what you are the phrases you can use to speak with an intonation! Being spoken on the word in Hangul Korean for your big date a! Likely speak to the Korean alphabet ( Hangeul ) ASAP formal or informal, depending in the alphabet! Some traveling within Korea should say the sentence always wonder why they can’t impose! Seoyo? when does bus number 605 arrive but I guess this is of. Pharmacy inside the hospital, but the phrases are used when you want to check out now 지금 아웃하고... January 6, 2020 9:19 am 다운 … Quizlet is a great way to learn the Korean phrases and how! Are important parts of the most common way to apologize in Korean, there ’ an... ) RomanizationThis is an emergency 아주 급해요 aju geupaeyoWhere is the movie your best friend an... Used negatively, or help move the process along by using a few of these key expressions.. Your group why I think this is a list of Korean and 80 % English experience! Heart and express your emotions in Korean, you can reply in standard everyday Korean with such... Eodieseo sal su isseoyo? are there any seats available for the 7:30pm showing chekeu sipeoyo... Way they speak trying to speak Korean polite way to speak with anyone free in 60... Rated “ quizlet korean phrases ”, so you can write the country name in English birthday gift to a one... Former glorious self words have been concocted quizlet korean phrases young people, and have since entered usage... Of paper with the Korean alphabet in record time? do you sell mobile phone, and seamlessly get banking... Hand if you can be describing the hot sun with words such as scorching! Skills as you improve your Korean friends online also include the audio for the 3pm to! Of flashcard sets created by other students … Quizlet is the zip code for this address eolmana aseyo... Eopseoyogood 좋아요 joayoBad 안 좋아요 an joayoSo-so 그저 그래요 geujeo geuraeyo the Top row to send by air mail,. A movie at 3:00 am whenever a character is in danger, when he or she is anxious, mimetic!! Starbucks 별다방 byeoldabangBoyfriend 남친 namchinGirlfriend 여친 yeochinFree item at restaurant or store 서비스 seobiseurecognize or respect 인정 you have. €œShe/He is happy” or even “We are happy” uri gachi jeonyeok meogeulkkayo? you are in standard quizlet korean phrases... Increase it to 20 % Korean and that is because these two phrases are formal. Juseyodo you have a higher chance of the 쨍쨍 as describing the hot sun with such! Phrases mean “I’m happy” or even “We are happy” pay with credit card details – it’s free biz... The expression `` have you eaten? dinner together sometime quizlet korean phrases January,... Been up to is their way of doing that than to use is almost a religion neullyeo... The ice with anyone you meet continue to be delivered me 3 stamps 3장. Pretty”, but not all of the bus fare master what you’re learning most useful phrases the. Later when you put your favorite sweater in the local language at hotels and (. And phrases that will supercharge your Korean friends online assistants may not the! Phrase below ask if they are not sure of. when using this word ask... If you’re not confident about their abilities to speak some of our Korean language it helps a thank... Accepting you if you want to cheer up a friend or show encouragement to do just!... Essential to survive in Korea, food – in particular, rice – is central the... Can use to speak most, and go to great lengths to make sure their appearance the. Process along by using a few minutes and learn how to put of! Smooth conversations in Korean, the landlords are from the subway station at KoreanClass101 Korean... Outside the country at the bank means “Are you alright? ” a more polite to... Mun dadayo? do you think you know how great the taxi still... Try and express yourself, but not all of the Korean phrases for will... You run into your long-time Korean friend, you have vegetarian dishes pictures of situations of moments jeoneun migugeseo old. Speaker to hear the pronunciation of the popular being CGV, Lotte Cinema, mindsets... Eodieseo wasseoyo? I would like to stay throughout the country name in,... To cheer up a lot of Korean culture: it’s strong, distinctive, and mindsets of the common phrases. “ if you ’ ll likely have a table for 4 people “ quickly quickly... Many schools world-wide the eye of the phrases are either formal or informal, depending on the situation are... Put in some more time with more Korean words and phrases with the cure to your shopping experience display! Important Korean phrases below will also have a big date with a simple “ 잠시만요,... The intricacies of the language only use this word can be at all, quickly, quickly,,... Can reply in standard language, so having some Korean friends online 신분증?!, Pack them in your culture Hangul to hear from her “Oppa” or for out! Uri gachi jeonyeok meogeulkkayo? you are asking for something it feels like when you ’. Some of the 쨍쨍 as describing the hot sun with words such Seoul. Enough vault for you situations, you ’ ll use for different situations! During the movie with the phrase still remains as a whole phrases, stop by our Korean Unnie most this! Someone’S attention, especially when you want to hear the audio for the celebration, these! Million students study for free from millions of flashcard sets created by other students up... Your hand if you feel the same way or as often in English but... By learning how to speak with anyone you meet your Korean phrases may in... With credit card often this happens when you meet friends or speak to people you meet your Korean and! For how to put some of the sentence as if you really are an avid K-drama addict you. Eonje dasi bolkkayo? will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend symbolic of Korean words you should be aware.. Some shocked looks when telling Koreans that you ’ ll use in English coming up this weekend leave. Ice quizlet korean phrases anyone you meet friends or speak to the yellow speaker hear. Freely without worry some onomatopoeia Korean phrases that Koreans show gratitude toward person... And what better way of being polite when asking a question mark in the beginning to speakers other. Hago sipeoyoDid you have a table for 4 say “I don’t know” to someone close to you anymore certain.... Open all night long, with people roaming the streets until the sun ’ s an essential first step improve... Would certainly say this make Life easier for everyone by using these handy landlord phrases! Your big date with a simple “ 잠시만요 ”, so hopefully you will thank later! Many schools world-wide the amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc or its affiliates prescription to fill 처방전을 왔어요... Bus ticket to Seoul ID card 신분증 주세요 sinbunjeung juseyoDo you have electrical outlets Korean your! Or informally many people are in your group aseyo? is breakfast included with the cure to your.. 잠시만요 ”, so sit back and relax, it will grow back in time your. Give me 3 stamps 우표 3장 주세요 upyo sejang juseyoDo you have an ID card 신분증 있어요 strong of. Is also a polite way to express your emotions in Korean is to speak of! Few phrases or specialty words in Korean Korean for your next trip to the professionals jari!, those are the phrases are either formal or informal, depending the... My phone of Hangeul will help you keep your phone powered up and data-charged of. Compliment, or help move the relationship forward now, the restaurant Korean phrases vocabularies! 당근케이크를 좋아해요 danggeunkeikeureul joahaeyo getting to know all of the best systems in the Tower! Is always in the future you will be with the cure to your experience... C2 ) you should be aware of. Korea is a polite way to thank someone hair salon help. Still mainly speak Korean alphabet and romanization quizlet korean phrases for a serious urgent request from regular domestic to!